One Step Closer to Solo…

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Well since POTUS was in town today, that meant no flying for me!  Thanks Mr. President!  But it didn’t mean I couldn’t do anything aviation related.  I’ve been working on my presolo written exam for a couple of weeks off and on.  I decided to finally finish it today and review it with my instructor.  So we spent an hour or so going over the last few questions we didn’t get to review on Sunday and then I got my first Log Book Endorsement!! 

“Presolo aeronautical knowledge:  61.87(b)  John E Hurlbut has satisfactorily completed a presolo written examination demonstrating knowledge of the portions of Parts 61 an d91 applicable to student pilots, the airspace rules and procedures for Pierce County/Thun Field/KPLU, and the flight characteristics and operational limitations for a Cessna 172”

I have another flight lesson scheduled for Thursday morning, but I seriously doubt that will be solo day.  Then my instructor and I are both gone for a week.  She’s going to Oshkosh and I’m going to Las Vegas for a Real Estate seminar.  I do have a client based out of Las Vegas now, and he’s a pilot, so I’m going to try and con him into going for a quick flight one evening after the conference!!

I’m getting excited!!  I’m going to schedule a couple/three lessons for the week I’m back and will try to make them longer than the usual.  I’m hoping that after I solo, I can knock out the rest of my flight training pretty quickly and have my license sometime in September/October.  I don’t want the weather getting too awfully crappy and have to wait days or weeks in between flight lessons.

Wish me luck!

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