So that others may learn…

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So in amongst trying to finish up my private pilot’s license, I’m also working toward my instrument rating. Last night in instrument ground school, we took some quizzes to see where the soft spots are. From what I can tell, ground school (both private and instrument) is simply designed to help you pass the written test. So there’s lots of information put out, lots of quizzes, some tests and ultimately you are ready to take your written test. So in last night’s class there was a question that read (not verbatim): If a pilot is flying along on a course with a 20º right correction for wind and ATC advises them that there is traffic at 2 O’Clock, where should the pilot look for traffic? The answers were:A)  Directly off the noseB)  20º to the right of the noseC) 40º to the right of the nose The correct answer is … Read More

Putting it All Together…With Video!

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OK so I’m STILL waiting to schedule my check ride to get my private pilot’s license completed. I think I’ve officially psyched myself out. I know I know how to fly. I think I’m pretty good at following all the appropriate procedures and I know I’m a safe pilot. I just haven’t had time to study for the oral exam and my flight instructor and I haven’t been able to connect to really polish my maneuvers over the past month or so. So I’ve been trying to fly at least once per week. Last week I went out and practiced some maneuvers and did a flight from Thun Field to Tacoma Narrows, South to Lacey and out to Eatonville and back to Thun. To be honest, I didn’t really feel like I remembered how to fly that day. In fact, coming into Tacoma Narrows, I carrier trapped. Coming into Thun, … Read More