My Keto Journey – It’s Official I Have a New Scale!

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Well I’m counting today as my first day of my Keto Journey. However since I got the bad news from the doc about my weight on Tuesday, I’ve been eating keto since then. The doctor’s scale said 380+ and of course that was fully clothed. (They frown upon you weighing naked at the doctors) Plus I had a bunch of stuff in my pockets, etc. so I’d say the reality is that I probably weighed somewhere around 376ish? And who knows how accurate that little scale was anyway? It looks like it was bought at Walmart. So for “Official” weigh ins, I’m going to be using my new scale that just came in yesterday. It’s a Nokia Body Cardio. It’s basically the upgrade/big brother to the Withings scale I was using previously. (Withings was bought by Nokia) I had a thought in my head that I would really like, by this morning, to weigh in at less than 375 pounds. Happy to report that I was at 370.1 pounds. It wouldn’t surprise me at all by limiting my carbohydrate intake for a day and a half and only drinking water (and 1 5 hour energy) that I could have lost 2-3 pounds. But this will be my official measuring device going forward.

Yesterday I had scrambled eggs with sour cream and shredded cheese along with 5 slices of bacon for breakfast. Lunch was about 8 slices of salami, a couple sticks of cheese a handful of almonds and a hard boiled egg. For dinner Teri cooked Chicken Thighs in the Instant pot, I had 4 of those and a large helping of broccoli.

Wednesday I had 3 fried eggs and bacon for breakfast. Left over Keto meat pie for lunch and scrambled eggs with sour cream and shredded cheese for dinner.

The thing I like about keto is that breakfast is always available and easy. Whip up a couple eggs and some bacon and you have a satisfying healthy meal. The thing I don’t like about keto is that everyone seems to think Bulletproof Coffee is the shiz. I hate coffee. So no bulletproof coffee for me.

Today I’m headed to the lab for blood work. Today is all about establishing baselines to know where I started and see how far I’ve come. So I’ll get my blood work done and schedule a physical.

October 27th is Basline day. Let’s see where we go from here!

My New Scale:
Nokia Body Cardio

2 Comments on “My Keto Journey – It’s Official I Have a New Scale!”

  1. *Crowd roars* hell yeah! You got me pumped. I’ve gone up almost 5 sizes in 2 years. Ladies, you know what that means. Thanks for the motivation and we know you have what it takes!

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