Time To Start Wearing Shirts I Hate to The Airport!

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Last week I called the FAA office of aerospace medicine here in WA State and inquired about the status of my 3rd class medical certificate.  The guy I spoke to, Shawn, was really helpful and told me that he could see all my medical records were received, they were scanned in, and a letter had been written with a special issuance 3rd class medical attached.  It was just waiting for a signature.  So I put a note on my front door telling the letter carrier I was waiting for a VERY IMPORTANT letter from the FAA and if she could, pleas call me when it arrives.  (All of their communication thus far has been sent registered mail).

Nothing all week. 

So yesterday I called again.  The nice lady that picked up the phone gave me the same story that it was there (In Oklahoma City) just waiting to be signed.  I asked about how long it usually takes to get signed and she said “Honestly I’m surprised it’s not signed already, I’ll ping a supervisor down there.”  I thanked her and hung up.  And proceeded to tweet:  

Today I jumped on the FAA’s site to look myself up and see if anything had changed.  I was pleasantly surprised…. 

Medical Class:  Third, Medical Date: 3/2014

Date of Issue:  3/11/2014

Certificate:  STUDENT PILOT

So I think this means I’m officially a student pilot, with all the rights and privileges afforded as such!!! Which MEANS that when Meg thinks it’s time, I CAN SOLO!!! Holy crap s**t just got real!!  Time to start wearing shirts I hate to the airport!!! 

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