A Couple of Flight Lessons and Cpap Update

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Last week I flew a couple of times. Once on Wednesday and again yesterday, Sunday.  I scheduled both lessons later in the day so as not to have to deal with the low clouds.  Wednesday at 3 PM was great! We took off from Thun field (KPLU) and headed to Tacoma Narrows (KTIW).  Meg told me she didn’t want to do anything that day but be in “Toad Mode”, meaning she wanted to just check my proficiency and listen to me talk to the tower at KTIW.  KPLU is a non-towered airport so the pilots just talk to each other to let one another know what they’re doing.  At KTIW you have to talk to the tower and ground control to get instructions on what to do. We took off from KPLU without incident, I think my takeoff was better than most of them. A bit of a crosswind, but … Read More

Back on the Cpap Again…

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Yesterday I spent the bulk of my morning at the Medical Supply place at St Clare hospital getting my new Cpap machine and getting fitted for a couple of masks.  This was an entirely different experience from my last machine, my Bipap machine.  The last time the medical equipment company basically just gave me the machine, a couple of instructions and sent me on my way.  There wasn’t a ton of time fitting masks or really going over the machine or anything.  It was horrible in comparison to what I did yesterday. The person took her time to really explain the machine, how it works, how to clean it, how to change settings and more importantly making sure I had a mask that fit well.  I actually paid for a second mask just so I didn’t have to go back if I didn’t like the first mask. She also took … Read More

Flying Today! And Excited About CPap?

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I have a flight lesson today at 1:30PDT and I’m super stoked to get back in the air!!  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve flown, so I’m sure I’ll have to relearn some stuff, but I’m excited none the less.  Last time we flew my flight instructor said we’d head over to KTIW (Tacoma Narrows Airport) and do some pattern work there.  I hope that’s still the case because it would be REALLY cool to actually land at another airport!  (Baby steps!) But of course I’m still waiting for my 3rd class medical to come in as well.  After my Sleep Study last week, I’ve been bugging the ladies at the sleep clinic to push my results through to the Pulmonary Specialists that have to review them and dictate them.  After that happens, it goes back to my doctor and she can write a prescription for a new CPap … Read More