Bad News From the Doctor – My Keto Journey Begins

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While the original intent of this blog was to chronicle my difficulty with the FAA in obtaining my 3rd class medical certificate, the mission statement has never changed. “Just a Guy, Trying To Fly. Both Literally and Figuratively.” So this news will be about the Figurative side of things and I suspect a LOT of posts coming up will fit into this category as well.  I recorded a video, so I guess we can call it a VLOG now and here it is if you want to watch the whole thing.  It’ll explain it better than I can by typing it all out again.  But just know in the video there are a couple of errors.  When I say that before my Lap Band Surgery I was 270, it was 370 . . . and somewhere else in the video I mention “281 or 281 and a half” . . . well those should be 381 or 381 and a half.  So watch the video, my list of resources is below the video.  And thus begins my Keto Journey…

List of Books I’ve Read (In No Particular Order) All Linked to Amazon:

Wheat Belly – William Davis
The Big Fat Surprise – Nina Teicholz
The New Atkins for a New You – Eric C Westman
Keto Clarity – Jimmy Moore
Cholesterol Clarity – Jimmy Moore
The Paleo Cure – Chris Kresser
The Paleo Coach – Jason Seib
The Paleo Solution – Robb Wolf
The 4 Hour Body – Tim Ferris
The Paleo Manifesto – John Durant
Fitness Confidential – Vinnie Tortorich
Intro to NSNG – Vinnie Tortorich (FREE!!)
Alt Shift – Jason Seib
The Fat Loss Directive – Jason Seib (No Longer Available)
Fit To Fat To Fit

Helpful Websites:

Diet Doctor
Vinnie Tortorich
My Fitness Pal
Fit To Fat To Fit

Movies/Videos I’ve Watched:

Forks Over Knives
Fat Sick & Nearly Dead
Super Size Me
Food, Inc

2 Comments on “Bad News From the Doctor – My Keto Journey Begins”

  1. You’re an amazing man and we’ve admired you for many of your accomplishments and achievements! We look forward to your journey and hope to cook you a few Keto meals when you come explore our hood.

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