Tacoma Tower, There’s a Coyote On The Alpha

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So yesterday I climbed into my trusty training airplane, N1151M, for the first time in nearly a month. The last letter from the FAA put me into a tailspin, pun intended, about my future of flying. It took me a week or so to calm down and revise my game plan, but I got it together. See my previous posts to know what I’ve been battling against. The finish line is in sight however, so I’m super excited again about obtaining my Private Pilot’s License. Yesterday was the day I finally got back in the air! The last time we flew, my flight instructor Meg said that the next time we flew we’d expand my “sandbox” a bit and head over to Tacoma Narrows Airport (KTIW) from our home field, Pierce County Airport, Thun Field (KPLU) . As I hadn’t flown in a month I was unsure if that would still … Read More

Flying Today! And Excited About CPap?

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I have a flight lesson today at 1:30PDT and I’m super stoked to get back in the air!!  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve flown, so I’m sure I’ll have to relearn some stuff, but I’m excited none the less.  Last time we flew my flight instructor said we’d head over to KTIW (Tacoma Narrows Airport) and do some pattern work there.  I hope that’s still the case because it would be REALLY cool to actually land at another airport!  (Baby steps!) But of course I’m still waiting for my 3rd class medical to come in as well.  After my Sleep Study last week, I’ve been bugging the ladies at the sleep clinic to push my results through to the Pulmonary Specialists that have to review them and dictate them.  After that happens, it goes back to my doctor and she can write a prescription for a new CPap … Read More

Sleep Study – 3rd Class Medical Adventures Continued

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As previously mentioned, I received a letter from the FAA requesting more information from me regarding a variety of things they found in my medical records. Specifically Sleep Apnea.  I had severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in 2008ish and went in for a sleep study and was placed on a BiPap machine. Now I never felt like I got a great nights sleep on that machine, but it was better than dying.  After losing 70 ish pounds the BiPap pressure was too high and I never went in to get it adjusted. I just stopped using it. Fast forward 5 years and in trying to obtain my 3rd class medical the FAA notices Sleep Apnea in my medical records and they want reports from my machine stating it’s controlled. Since I can’t produce those reports, I had my doc refer me to get another sleep study. I just returned home … Read More

3rd Class Medical Adventures

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Warning, Rant coming. So in order to become a Private Pilot in the United States, you’ll need to obtain your 3rd Class Medical Certificate and Student Pilot Ticket.  That isn’t to say that in order to fly you’ll need these things, but in order to become a Private Pilot and exercise all the privileges that come along with that, you’ll need one.  Your 3rd Class Medical serves as your Student Pilot’s License (ticket).  Recreational and Sport Pilots are not required to have a 3rd Class Medical Certificate, but they are severely restricted in what types of aircraft they can fly and are restricted as to where and when (day or night) they can fly.  So my goal is to get my Private Pilot’s license which requires my 3rd class.  My instructor cannot solo me until after I’ve received my 3rd Class. Back in March I met with my general practitioner … Read More


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Welcome to my blog, please read the “About” Section to get an idea of what you might find here.  I’ll start adding content soon, feel free to fly along with me.  I’m just a guy, trying to fly.  So here we go!