Big Dreams and Living Low Carb in Sin City

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This week I’m at a Real Estate Conference in Las Vegas.  I’m with nearly 4,000 individuals at the Mike Ferry SuperStar Retreat.  Now if you know anything about real estate trainers, and coaching companies, the name “Ferry” is pretty high up on the list.  Not only has Mike been training Real Estate agents for 40 years, his sons, Tom and Matt have also gotten into the real estate agent training game. Another prominent name in this forum is Brian Buffini.  Now if you know anything about me, you know I’ve been part of Brian Buffini’s system for over 11 years now.  I credit Brian and his “Referrals By Design” system with much of my success in my career really since it began.  I’ve been to probably 15 turning point retreats, two masterminds, and had a private coach for the better part of four years with Brian’s company.  I believe it’s … Read More

Time To Start Wearing Shirts I Hate to The Airport!

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Last week I called the FAA office of aerospace medicine here in WA State and inquired about the status of my 3rd class medical certificate.  The guy I spoke to, Shawn, was really helpful and told me that he could see all my medical records were received, they were scanned in, and a letter had been written with a special issuance 3rd class medical attached.  It was just waiting for a signature.  So I put a note on my front door telling the letter carrier I was waiting for a VERY IMPORTANT letter from the FAA and if she could, pleas call me when it arrives.  (All of their communication thus far has been sent registered mail). Nothing all week.  So yesterday I called again.  The nice lady that picked up the phone gave me the same story that it was there (In Oklahoma City) just waiting to be signed. … Read More

$1,000 Worth of Hamburgers…

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There’s no question that flying is the most expensive hobby I’ve ever undertaken. The cost of getting my private license alone will be in the $10,000-$12,000 range.  Then of course the question is: “Now that you HAVE your license, what do you want to do with it?”  Of course I want to remain proficient, so my goal after getting my license is to fly a minimum of 5 hours per month.  But I’m not going to spend all that time in the traffic pattern around my home airport. What’s the fun in that? I DO plan to get my instrument rating as well, so that’ll take a fair amount of time.  I’d like to also get my multi-engine, high performance and complex airplane ratings as well.  Seaplane would be a lot of fun too.  But keeping current with all of those would require a whole lotta time and extra money. … Read More